Mission Goals/Objectives

Ming Chuan University prides itself in providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance. As a comprehensive institution of higher education, Ming Chuan University strives for excellence in teaching and learning through theory-based, application-oriented education to prepare learners with professionalism, team spirit and broad worldviews. Teacher Education Center conducts teacher education in accordance with Ming Chuan University’s teaching goal. We nurture excellent teachers and relevant staff for secondary schools through balanced development in ethics, academics, athletics, teamwork and the arts.


Cultivate qualified secondary school teachers with professional knowledge, educational love, international view and self-excellence.

Specialization- Sharing Professionally
  • Improve pre-service teachers’ professional capability and disposition.
  • Emphasize responsible spirit and attitude.
  • Strengthen curriculum design and instruction.
  • Make good use of class management and counseling.
Excellence- Growing Happily
  • Students are nurtured to have behavior and attitude of teachers and mentors.
  • Students’professional educator characteristics are enhanced.
  • Strengthen in research development and advanced study.
Internationalization- Thinking with Diversity
  • Students are fostered to improve English and have global views.
  • Set up an international learning environment.
Core Competencies
Cultivate students to be teachers with professional ability.
  1. Ability to design curriculum.
  2. Ability to practice teaching.
  3. Ability to manage class.
  4. Ability to evaluate teaching and learning.
  5. Ability of teaching and counseling.
  6. Ability of self-growth.
Improve students to be mentors with capacity and disposition
Emphasize relationship with groups and self.
  • Director of Teacher Education Center
  • Chief of Curriculum & Instruction Section
  • Chief of Internship & Placement Section
  • Faculty
  • Secretary
  • Teaching Assistant
Special Functions
Emphasizing technology applications
  • Set up knowledge-oriented portal site.
  • Integrate the database of teacher certificate exam.
  • Set up teaching reflection supportive center for interns to share teaching experience and resources.
  • Set up network teaching center and develop synchronous and asynchronous online materials.
  • Set up a system for the Basic Competence Test and the General Scholastic Ability Test.
Emphasizing humanities
  • Taipei Mingde Junior High School (2007, 2008):Helping the learning disadvantaged students.
  • Educational Service of Frobel for DaPu Primary School. (2008)
  • Summer vacation teaching service for BaLi Primary School to help the learning disadvantaged students.(7,7 -8,1,2008)
Vision & Challenges
  • Develop an exam question system for educational curriculum.
  • Cooperate with partner schools, set up the database of secondary school exam.
  • Develop proficiency exam for secondary school students and further analyze students’weaknesses.
  • Promote concern for human beings,society, country and nature.
Statement of Curriculum ( Teacher Education Program )
The education courses offered by the teacher education program focus on three main categories – foundation courses, methodology courses, and practical training courses. Students begin with foundation courses, then focus on professional courses, subject-oriented teaching strategies, and after completing their coursework, completes half-year teaching practicum.