Passing Rate for Teacher Qualification Assessment Examination

The Ministry of Education holds a qualification test for certification of teachers at secondary and lower levels on a Sunday at the beginning of March every year in accordance with Section 2, Article 11 of Teacher Education Act and Article 8 of Teachers’ Act and The Regulations Governing the Certification of Qualified Teachers at Secondary and Lower Levels. Result are announced a month later. After the registration deadline, the Examination Affairs Section (National Taipei University of Education) provides a roster of MCU students registered. The MCU students’ examination results will also be sent to the University after they are announced. From these lists, the passing rate for Teaching Certificates is calculated annually. The MCU Teacher Education Center then submits the relevant forms and documents to National Taiwan Normal University to apply for those passing students’ Teaching Certificates, issued by the Ministry of Education.



MCUNational Passing Rate
Number of RegistrantsNumber of Actual ExamineesNumber of Qualifying ExamineesPassing Rate of ExamineesPassing Rate of Graduating Students
201667 3044.78%50.00%50.77%
201554 2953.70%62.50%52.99%
201459 4677.96%88.09%61.50%
201363 4571.42%78.26%59.78%
201260 4371.42%79.16%61.78%
201156 4071.42%78.04%58.91%
2006116 7262.07%77.59%59.40%