President Tsai headlines event to promote education in computer programming

President Tsai made an appearance at an “Hour of Code” event today, in support of the nation’s efforts to develop students’ technological skills and critical thinking through computer programming. Tsai didn’t come in with much in the way of gaming talent, but still joined young students at the event in writing, and playing, her own game.


President Tsai was deep in concentration playing a soccer computer game with one of the young programmers at the event. The student even turned teacher, after seeing Tsai was having difficulty figuring out the controls.


Tsai even went on to test out a computer game she had written at the event.


In her remarks at the event, Tsai spoke about the importance of basic information technology skills for the nation’s citizens.


Tsai Ing-wen


I was asked by the National Security Council to come here. Why did the NSC want me to attend? Because the NSC believes that digital savvy is really important for the people of Taiwan. Studying coding is not a way of turning everyone into engineers; it’s a way of developing logical thinking ability, and learning the steps needed to solve a problem.


In two years, classes in coding will become mandatory for the nation’s junior high and high school students, in the hope that more and earlier experience with coding will help spur student interest and develop their skills.


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