High school students allowed to arrive at school half hour later on two days per week, starting 2017

Local students will soon be getting half an hour more sleep before school, after the Education Ministry announced that from the new school year starting in 2017, high school students will be allowed to arrive at school at 8 am on at least two days per week. The new policy will now be handed to municipal authorities for clarification and implementation.


Many local students look like they’re still half asleep at the start of regular morning classes. But they certainly perked up, after hearing that they would be soon be permitted to come to class 30 minutes later than usual.


A new directive passed down by the Education Ministry states that for at least two days out of a five-day school week, high school students can individually decide whether or not to attend school activities scheduled for before morning classes, such as self-study sessions or meetings. But not all high school principals greeted the announcement with open arms.


Sun Ming-fung

Taipei Zhong-Lun High School Principal

If we cancel these self-study sessions in the future, then a part of that testing or study time could likely be shifted into normal classes. Moreover, we believe what’s even more valuable is that these activities give teachers and students time to interact with one another.


Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je came out in support of the change, but seemed skeptical that there was a relationship between the time students arrived for school and their level of sleep deprivation.


Ko Wen-je

Taipei Mayor

Even if you let them come in at 8, they still won’t get enough sleep, because they’re going to bed too late. They should be going to sleep and getting up earlier. I lived in the US, and people there turn in really early. But on this matter, I’ll instruct the head of the city’s Education Department to give each school the ability to manage their own affairs and make their own decision on this.


The new policy may create logistical headaches for some schools with both junior high and high school students, with junior high pupils on some days arriving half an hour earlier than their seniors. The Taipei Department of Education is currently looking into whether the later start for high schoolers might also be suitable for the city’s junior high and elementary students.


More info: http://englishnews.ftv.com.tw/read.aspx?sno=F2D46D951FCBE8CB619A8994EA4CE3F3