English Tutoring Program

The Peer Tutoring program quickly became a school-wise attraction since being launched by English Language Center (ELC). It offers a friendly environment for students to explore English beyond the books and classes. In an effort to provide continuous support and opportunities in English learning, we are pleased to announce the Peer Tutoring program will continue in this semester. We welcome anyone and look forward to having you on-board.


More information: http://web.elc.mcu.edu.tw/en/node/24510


TOEIC Preparation Course

The new course schedule is announced. Courses will start in March on both campuses. Registration begins this week.

For further information: http://web.elc.mcu.edu.tw/en/node/24510



[NEWS]Children get direct exposure to 228 Incident in a very special classroom (2015/02/26)

The 228 Incident triggered one of the darkest periods in Taiwan’s history, a brutal crackdown on the local population in 1947 that left thousands dead. With Feb. 28 just days away, schoolchildren were given the chance to learn more about that part of history from members of victims’ families. 

Young children gathered at a display on a wall were discussing its content. The classroom for this social studies class was the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum. 

Lin Jiang-tai
Wanfu Elementary School Teacher


[NEWS]Student activists, teachers protest against curriculum changes (2015/02/16)

Activists protested against high school curriculum changes outside the Ministry of Education today. After the ministry introduced changes that opponents say seek to tell Taiwanese history from a Chinese perspective, some teachers began calling for an amendment that would let them set their own curriculum.

The youth wing of the TSU is among the groups angered by the ministry’s curriculum changes. Calling the modifications part of a “de-Taiwanization” effort, this student burned a poster that contained an image of one of the textbooks.

Hou Tsung-ying


[NEWS]Innovative Pedagogical Game (2014/12/12)

Earlier this week a team from National Taiwan University won what is referred to as the “Oscars” of innovation in higher education. Professor Benson Yeh led a team of students in developing the world’s first multi-student social game in which players collect land and wealth by answering questions. 

The platform is used to teach Chinese literature, English, math and other topics. Nearly a hundred schools and a Fortune 500 company use it. For their victory, Benson’s team shared a US$50,000 prize with one other first place winner.



[NEWS]Wu Se-hwa inaugurated as new education minister (2014/08/06)

Former National Chengchi University president Wu Se-hwa was inaugurated as education minister today, replacing Chiang Wei-ling, who resigned over a peer review scandal. Wu joins the ministry at a sensitive time, with many parents angered over changes to the high school admissions process under 12-year education.

After formally becoming the new education minister, Wu Se-hwa chose to elaborate on his comment yesterday that college tuition will increase.

Wu Se-hwa
New Education Minister


Teacher education annual enrollment began to start


Teacher education annual enrollment began to start, if there are any enrollment related questions, please call or in person at the Office of Teacher Education (Library Building, 5th Floor) asked.
Activities also began enrollment in March to April, URL Please refer to the online registration system


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